H&R Drapery exhibit at recent ASID trade show at the International Design Center in Estero, Florida

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Simply 66 makes changing privacy curtains a snap

I've been talking to hospitals and healthcare facilities lately about a great new product I'm selling called Simply 66. They are privacy curtains that embrace the idea of "one size fits all". While the top mesh strip may vary in length and width to accommodate space requirements, the fabric part of the curtain comes in 66" square modules that snap to the mesh. This makes them a "snap" (if you'll pardon the pun) to install, launder, and replace. As a panel becomes soiled, that panel can be removed and replaced with a clean 66" module rather than laundering the whole curtain. This saves laundry and labor cost and reduces the amount of water required--something we're all trying to do in an effort to make our facilities "greener".

ADO Smart Fabrics are antibacterial and odor neutralizing

Another interesting product that's been on the mark for awhile and is popular in Europe, is ADO Smart Fabrics. Manufactured with silver ions, Smart Fabrics prevent bacterial setting--the ions actually intervene in the bacterial metabolism and prevent its multiplying. And this fabric neutralizes the odor in the air. In spite of regular cleaning, odor-causing bacteria often stick to fibers and can cause infectious diseases or allergies when they come into contact with skin. The BioProtect technology in Smart Fabrics selectively destroys pathogens upon contact before they can spread across the fabric surface.